Modus Planning Works for Brands of Any Size

Whether your brand is just starting out or well-established nationally,

Modus Planning's three unique modules cater to your needs.

Demand Planning

Employ seamless, granular, bottom-up planning.

The prerequisite tier comprising everything your brand needs to forge a solid foundation for volume and promotional planning. Data can be viewed at a variety of levels throughout the supply chain, including inbound and outbound distribution centers, retailers and distributors. Modus provides data transformations and visualizations that simply would not be possible in a spreadsheet.

Demand Planning

Trade Promotion Management

Trade Promotion Management

Maximizing and controlling trade spend is the key to outperforming the competition.

The Trade Promotion Management module allows brands to have a firm grasp of their promotion plans and to maximize trade spend. Modus trade variables help protect retailer margins so both the brand and retailer benefit. Included is a scenario planner and optimizer which maximizes lift percentages across user-defined constraints.

Customer Order Validation

Ensure success on shelf by proactively managing customer orders.

Customer Order Validation gives your brand the tools to determine if customers are ordering appropriately. This ensures your brand is on-shelf with the right quantity. Optimize your shelf presence among the competition by mastering new item launches while avoiding costly stockouts and spoils.

Customer Order Validation

We Guide You Through Onboarding,

Every Step of the Way

We understand that a growing brand has minimal time to work through onboarding new applications.

We have lived it. We get it.

Our industry experts provide the support and training you need to operate your brand with Modus Planning.

Our goal is your success.

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